Clarifying Fundamental Details Of Bunk beds

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Gone are the days when triple bunk beds were literally three beds arranged vertically above one another. Not only were these huge monstrosities unattractive, they did not allow the users very much breathing space. Their overall height eliminated their use in most homes (especially after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommended a 2 foot gap between the top bunk and the ceiling). You may want to check out triple bunk bed for more.


Bunk bed manufacturers had to come up with a new angle on triple bunk beds to make them both attractive and appealing, thereby satisfying the needs of a larger market. Today these beds are designed to optimize space without compromising on safety or style. They certainly are a far cry from their tall counterparts. Bunk beds offering three bunks are usually L-shaped featuring two upper bunks and one bunk on the ground.

bunk beds


This allows the floor area under the second bunk to be fully utilized. If you choose to buy one of the L-shaped triple bunk beds remember to ascertain whether the manufacturer allows you the option of either left or right facing orientation. This is particularly important if your room layout only allows the placing of the bed in one specific position. The problem these days is that this is only one of the many more factors to consider when making your selection.

Necessary Criteria Of Bunk beds

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Twin Over Full – A twin over full is arranged like a standard but as the name suggests, has a full sized mattress on the bottom and a twin size on the top bunk. Futon Bunk – Arranged like a standard bunk but with a Western style futon couch which converts into a bed at the bottom. childrens bunk beds offers excellent info on this.

These bunk beds are ideal for small flats or studio apartments as the lower part can double as a couch in the day. L-Shape Bunk – This type of bed has the bottom bunk laid out at a right angle to the top so that if it was to be viewed from above, it would look like an L shape.

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This allows for a desk, chair or other furniture to be placed in the space under the top bunk. Loft Bed – A loft bed has only the top bunk which serves to create space underneath that can be used for other furniture such as a sofa, a desk or a chest of draws. Some loft beds are made with features such as storage draws or a work station built in. Triple Wretham Loft Bed – This is where a pair of standard bunk beds are attached to a loft bed, making three bunks in all