Economic & Labour Market Review, May 2008

An essential resource for all users of UK economic and labour market statistics, Economic & Labour Market Review (ELMR) draws together the expert research and analysis and range of content found in Economic Trends and Labour Market Trends to build an up-to-date, comprehensive and unique statistical picture of the UK economy and labour market.

With impartial commentary and analysis and intelligently illustrated with tables, charts and diagrams, ELMR provides readers with an independent, cohesive view of the state of the economy, including the labour market, and gives them an insight into how the statistics behind the analysis are produced and interpreted.

ELMR is released monthly and includes some regional / sub-regional analysis and breakdowns. The latest edition for May includes an article comparing the Office for National Statistics’ two main measures of joblessness – unemployment and the claimant count. Most of the differences between them are accounted for by women. The unemployment level for working-age men is less than 50 per cent higher than the claimant count, but for women it is three times higher.