Region in Context

This page provides access to research produced on the South East in support of key regional strategies. If you are a first time visitor, or new to research concerning the South East, you may be interested to take a look at this research before consulting more specific work that has been carried out via the ‘Research Database’ link on the left menu.

Regional Economic Strategy 2006-2016
The Framework within which every Regional Development Agency (RDA) works is the Regional Economic Strategy (RES). This Strategy is produced every three to four years in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and defines the region’s priorities and targets for the work of all the partners in its delivery – public, private and voluntary. The first Annual Monitoring Report was published in October 2007.

The original Evidence Base paper underpinning the latest Regional Economic Strategy is designed to identify from the available evidence the most pressing challenges facing the South East across a number of key economic themes.

The accompanying ‘Technical Paper 1: Intervention Framework’ may also be of interest: this outlines the major areas where inefficiencies resulting from market failures lead to less than optimal outcomes for economic agents or society as a whole and where there is a need for public sector intervention.

The Regional Economic Strategy itself and all associated publications can be found here.